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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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thank you for sticking with us. >> three big stories happening
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male. one person in florida died after drinking raw milk from pennsylvania. officials say consuming milk that hasn't been pasteurized poses a health risk. the into a killer whale breeding program at the world. sanctuaries. seaworld argues the ark -- or . liberal groups are holding 50 rallies across the country with the theme do your job. their calling of republican senators to vote on barack obama's nominee for supreme court to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. 10 news is live in cuba for the historic visit of president obama. people living here in the bay area have a different perspective on what is happening. eric lassard shows you why generations of americans is
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>> lucky that i'm here to tell you a story today. >> thousands of cuban-american families like hers, there is nothing romantic in the pageantry of this week's event taking place in cuba. >> it is the same regime. >> during the casual revolution making bricks for cuban infrastructure was nationalized. it along with their home and property. >> my mother and grandmother stood right there as a militia men came up the staircase with their machine guns and uniforms and said it no longer belongs to you. >> in miami and tampa, homes to cuban-americans, this is more than a headline. it is a deeply personal battle upper -- political perspective. >> whatever was established in the past against the regime it hasn't worked. >> this man owns a cigar
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>> it is reviving the hope that >> the one thing that cuban- americans we spoke with have in common is a lack of trust for decades of resentment that will be erased with the presidential visit or baseball game. >> there will be no violence. that will bring change. >> it is the same regime that took away the heart, soul, very many residents. >> ybor city, eric glasser. learn there is a piece of land cuba. it is called marquis park located at 8th avenue and 13 street. he helps resolution. the 1950s, a couple bought this piece of land and donated it to cuba as ahead of a tennis
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comments he made about female tennis players. raymond moore said women players ride on the coattails of the men and that male players have it carried the sport. this happened yesterday during a tournament in california. serena williams had a strong response to the comments. >> i don't think anyone should be held down on their knees begging. we as women have come a long way and we shouldn't have to drop to her knees. >> williams presence at the u.s. open last year led to a sellout of the women's tournament before the men's in what is believed to be the first time ever. apple announced its newest line of products which include a smaller iphone as well as a new ipad.
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secretary , the same so -- phone as the iphone. it will come with the latest technology as well as an updated camera. it will cost $400 and that will be available soon, march 31. >> with this embedded motion processor this means that the iphone se has the same performance as the other iphone. >> they are offering a new line of straps for the i watch and a new pad that is smaller. this is the prime time to get a buyback offer. whether you're looking to upgrade to a new phone or make the money. one recommended site for android and apple is it included the iphone. the value of the device drops 10 to 30%.
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film is titled fast bullet. the young filmmaker has dodged a few of his own already in life. bobby lewis is on the road in seminole with a trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: i love indiana jones. >> they are making a new one. >> jury klosterman has always loved movies. >> star wars. >> in his living room is living proof filled with cinema sites. from tributes to traverse. the latest edition is his favorite. >> a coaster -- poster for the martian starring matt damon and directed by ridley scott and it came out last year. >> the martian is a movie about an astronaut who has to fight to stay alive. something jerrod can relate to. >> i have a weak immune system and it makes me sick if i don't have the proper medicine. and treatment. >> when you are going through a lot of health issues it can get
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it can -- you can lose sight of your dreams. i never want him to lose sight of his dreams. >>'s passion for movies was he got to high school. and had to stay home from school. it gave him time to pick up a lot of movies. that inspired him to pick up his camera and make movies thanks to the children stream fund in tampa. he finally got a chance to meet his hero. >> that was my dream to meet really scott. -- ridley scott. it is finally happening when i got off the plane. it was a great experience. >> his next dream is one worth working for. >> i made this, fast bullets. . bobby lewis. that is great. >> jared wants to be a director and his screenwriter someday
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at florida state. >> the children's dream fund is a tampa bay fund. see the dreamworks come true. combating a deadly toxin. a medical breakthrough for anthrax. like cars are willing the
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stories making headlines. today's 62nd scan. with pro rata media does north korea media has released images of the leader with exercises and from the army.
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north korea sees as a publication. health officials have approved and injectable drug to treat people who have been subjected to anthrax. anthrax is a potential bioterrorism weapon. the navy's largest and most expensive destroyer is heading out to sea for the final builder trial. the uss demott is the first of the new class of three destroyers. it will be presented to the navy for inspection. alabama is using funds from dp to construct a beachfront hotel and conference center. it comes weeks after a federal judge shut the door on using bakersfield police funds awarded as a result of the oil spill. the development director said they are using funds allocated outside of the judge's ruling. that issuer 62nd scan.
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electronic gear shifters that are found in some jeeps. chris vancleave digs deeper into reports of hundreds of vehicles rolling away after drivers thought they were in part. >> reporter: gary titus leaves a jeep grand jury be -- grand jury be. >> if i don't get it just right and get it into drive i could get into an accident because of that. >> the new shifter is a electronic gear shift for each shift and lacks the typical sensation of moving the car into park drive or reverse. >> i got out and i thought it was in park and it was in reverse. >> the highway administration is investigating more than 850,000 vehicles. most are 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees equipped with each shift. that investigation claims reports of 121 accidents resulting in people being
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we drove a 2014 grand cherokee as a test track in connecticut. >> there is also not -- i pushed it to the floor and it doesn't mean i end up in part. >> there is a failsafe but at the end of the day you don't have a problem with cars backward. >> chrysler said it is cooperating with the investigation. as of the 1216 model year, it has changed the transmission but has not recalled existing models. they say those changes were due to customer satisfaction and not safety. chris vancleave. cbs news. bmw and mercedes have similar electronic shifters and those companies say they have added a failsafe feature that automatically puts your car in park when you open the door.
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news right now. former professional wrestler hulk hogan trial. a verdict has been reached in the punitive damages on top of the $115 million the jury awarded him last week. we will stay on that with a live report. the use of fake pot explodes and you are the one paying the price. the alarming increase in cases of what it means for your safety. enough is enough. tempo police officer comes face to face with the wrong way driver. we are asking tough questions and looking at tire spikes. could they work. the hurricane hunters are in a storm of their own tonight. the push to keep the weather watchers at mcdill air force base. that is tonight at 6:00. the broadway debut of studio 10 live michael clayton took place as we can. he had a part in the bullets over broadway production and
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he talked about his debut on studio 10 live. >> reporter: i think this was a great introduction to what it feels like. when i walked on stage i saw the people and the crowd, it was packed. i have never been on stage myself with that many people in one room. it was a feeling. >> he had his own dressing room. the agents may be calling for michael, but now you can see him on studio 10 live. it may not feel like spring and parts of the northeast were florida some days but it looks like that in washington dc. >> cherry blossoms. they are starting to bloom in the nation's capital. the 40 degree temperatures are not keeping people away. the park service is forecasting
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on wednesday. chilly the first few days of spring and we are no exception. nothing going on on storm tracker 10. we will jumper to the temperatures first. if you live in citrus or hernando county and you are east of highway 19, you are under a frost advisory intel 4:00 tomorrow morning and last until 9:00. bring in sensitive plants -- plant. clearwater beach has- clouds and plenty of sun. it will compete with northerly winds so we stay in the 60s today. 62 st. pete. 59 new port richey. we have very dry patterns in place over us and we will continue to see that with two points in the 30s. we see big swings in temperatures. it will be brief because by wednesday we see the winds at shifting out of the southeast
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50s which means the muggy feeling is right back with us. tonight is dry so we will see temperatures tumbling and we have lighter but north the winds in the forecast. temperatures into the 40s in the bay area. 46 in tampa. 43 in lutz. away from the water, the coldest temperatures. 38 tonight in inverness. have jackets handy. sarasota 47. we will stay dry and noticed the winds will be lighting up. we have the perfect breeding ground for chilly temperatures. light winds and clear skies. making sure the morning runners, where the long sleeves
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will be bound. the big temperature swing with the dry air in place will warm up into the mid-70s tomorrow. by wednesday we continue to see the high pressure taking control to the east and pumping and a lot of warm air and a lot more humidity and the extra moisture with rain chances as the frontal boundary works in. we stray drive-through thursday but we get isolated rain chances coming back of that will be with us through the weekend. let's talk about saturday first. scattered showers and it won't be a complete washout. over the weekend we had storms and we would get a break. that is what we will see by looking ahead to easter sunday, likely earlier in the morning, as you are heading out to services sunday morning or get the easter eggs, that is when we will track showers and
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and isolated chance that we could get strong to severe storms. we will keep a close eye and keep checking back with us. get the latest forecast anytime. than most of us ever well and she is still smiling. little girl who is returning home after spending two years in a hospital.
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survival story. two years after she was burned in a fire, one little girl is returning home. in time for her ninth birthday.
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>> reporter: 662 days at the hopkins children's hospital. more than one dozen surgeries. 500 days on a heart-lung machine. >> she has been released. >> doctors and nurses had a hard time letting go of eight- year-old reese burdett. >> memorial day weekend, 2014, she was sleeping over with her grandparents in winchester, virginia, when an electrical short started a fire in her room. but her dad got to the hospital she was barely alive. >> when you close your eyes and you see that again you will never believe it. >> she spent four months in a coma. >> many times we were called in and said you need to say your goodbyes. we rallied. >> when she woke dan asked her about her favorite cow on the
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>> instead of selling antiques they brought the cow to the hospital. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a farmer like my mommy and daddy.>> always racing around on her bike with her heart-lung machine attached handing out candy to the other children. >> she is an inspiration to them to never give up and never lose space. >> faith that all of us sunday will make at home. >> she is an inspiration. i can only imagine in person. she still has plenty of challenges ahead. her parents say if she can get through this she can get there anything.
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a wrong way driver narrowly misses an officer's car and it is caught on camera. is there anything that can be done. historic visit. president obama in cuba and so are the tampa bay rays. 10 news his life with the team
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spring break. it is costing you. good evening. i am mark rivera. i am dion lim. >> the worst site you can see on the road. a car going the wrong way with headlights going towards you. this is what happened to one officer over the weekend in tampa. you see the lights coming straight on. it happened on i 75 north near the fowler avenue exit. this time no one was hurt but dion, we're seeing more of these wrong way cases. >> it is not just this. these green dots are wrong way crash is in the last six years. you can see here this is a high concentration in the area of 275.
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and trying to figure out why something as simple as tire spikes are not being considered. >> reporter: looking away for a death situation. >> a little over a week after hillsborough county sheriff's deputy was hit and killed by a wrong way driver, another incident. despite the wrong way signs and flashing lights was the one barreling towards a police officer at a high rate of speed sunday morning. going the wrong way. she was -- he was able to get out of the way and she was arrested. >> she was more concerned about why the officer was an arresting murderers and drug dealers instead of targeting someone like her. >> no loss of life this time but the question is what can be done. finally stop the wrong way crash is. >> why not demobilize cars


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